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Interesting EFO Related Sites (Commercial)

Robert A Siegel Auction Galleries, Inc.
A longtime EFOCC supporter, Siegel is one of the foremost philtelic auctioneers in the U.S. and has auctioned a large number of prominent EFOs, such as the Inverted "Jenny" Plate Block in 2005 for $2,970,000.

The Siegel webste is particularly informative because
  • A large number of catalogues from past auctions are online and can be viewed or downloaded,
  • It contains a very powerful search engine, called Power™ Search that searches the whole sites including the catalogues,
  • You can save your searches for future reference,
  • Siegel allows visitors to download images, subject to their guidelines and restrictions which are very reasonable
Needless to say, you can also view catalogs of upcoming auctions and place bids.

We should also mention that Siegel catalogues are full of excellent information, including the background of items, historical notes, etc. Scott Trepel, the President of Siegel, is a scholar of U.S. philately and writes extensively about items sold by Siegel.

Siegel also maintains another site, invertedjennny.com. This site provides extensive information about every Inverted Jenny stamp, including contition, provenance and past sales. It is indeed a fascinating site,

Jay Smith & Associates - Page on Collectible Stamp Forgeries
Dealer Jay Smith & Associates has a several pages focusing on stamp forgeries; the link above takes you to the main page. Each page focuses on some class of forgeries, such as Iceland Classic Issues Stamp Forgeries or Iran Stamp Forgeries. Each page has a short but useful writeup in addition to material for sale.

These pages have also links to other forgery related resources, which are really useful.

The Robert H. Cunliffe Collection of Spectacular Inverted Stamps of the United States and the World - June 18-19, 2009
This site is the catalogue of an auction held by Spink Shreves Galleries on June 18-19, 2009.

The Robert H. Cunliffe Collection contained fabulous inverts from all over the world. All the lots are accompanied by scans as well as prices realized. It is a highly interesting site.

Philatelic Miscellanea from James Bendon
We knew James Bendon primarily as a dealer in philatelic literature and were quite surprised to discover this site. It has catalog-like information on two areas of interest to the EFOCC membership:
  • Specimens (i.e specimen stamps and specimen postal stationery),
  • Forgeries (in particular, so-called Fournier Forgeries).
In addition, you can buy many of these items. Bendon is also author of a book titled "UPU Specimen Stamps", published in Limassol, Cyprus, in 1968. It occasionally becomes available for sale on eBay.

Collectors Weekly Stamp Section
The Collectors Weekly website has sections that address the interests of many collectors, from collectors of arts and crafts to collectors of Zippo lighters... It has a good section on stamps with interviews , good stamp pictures, upcoming events, and more. We particularly liked the interview with John Hotchner.

This dealer site features EFOs for sale.

If you would like to recommend an addition to this page or have any other comment, please e-mail the Editor.

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