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Articles by Wayne Youngblood

In this section, we present articles by noted philatelic author, lecturer and EFOCC President Wayne Youngblood.

We thank Wayne for permission to present these articles on our site.

Four Varieties of 19-Year-Old Yule Stamp
They are easy to collect...
Linn's1989December Added June 18, 2014
Collecting Intentional and Unintentional Se-Tenant Stamps
Youngblood reviews se-tenant stamps, how and why they occur and how they can be collected.
American Philatelist2004October
The Thing About Stamps ... Or Is That Stamps As Things?
Stamps, cards and envelopes used as advertisements and for other practical purposes.
American Philatelist2003March Added January 14, 2011
Illegal Postage: There's More Than One Way to Skin the USPS
Youngblood discusses illegal postage.
American Philatelist2007February
Illegal Postage: There's More Than One Way to Skin the USPS, Part II
Youngblood discusses illegal postage.
American Philatelist2007March
Illegal Postage: There's More Than One Way to Skin the USPS, Part III
Youngblood discusses illegal postage.
American Philatelist2007April
L-Perf 13-Cent Eagle & Shield Offers Challenge and Reward
Here is a rarity you might be able to find in your accumulations!
American Philatelist2007May Added September 7, 2010
EFOs - A Great Part of Philatelic Alphabet Soup Youngblood reviews basics concepts and terms of EFO collecting. American Philatelist2008January
Youngblood discusses doubling errors, such as double paper, double-thick paper, double perforations, double impressions, double surcharges, double overprints, blanket setoffs, squash-effect doubling, double transfers, kiss prints, chill roller doubling, tagging ghosts, color misregistrations, color misregistrations...
American Philatelist2008March
April Flowers: A Bouquet of Bogus EFOs
Youngblood shows examples of fake EFOs, explains how stamps are manipulated to create the impression that they are EFOs.
American Philatelist2008April
Flyspecking Isn't Just for Specialists
Youngblood examines flyspecks, i.e. plate varieties and related flaws.
American Philatelist2008November Added November 20, 2011
Illicit Postal History Fun
Youngblood shows how illicit postage is used and often goes through the mail undetected.
American Philatelist2010May Added November 20, 2011
Spurious Stamps (and Covers)
Youngblood discusses ″spurious″ items - bogus items, fakes, forgeries and counterfeits.
American Philatelist2010August Added November 21, 2011
Confederate Forgeries Can Be Fun & Challenging
Youngblood discusses examples of Confederate forgeries.
American Philatelist2011January
Provisional Fakes Provide Real Enjoyment
Youngblood discusses Confederate Provisional fakes and forgeries.
American Philatelist2011March Added May 28, 2012
Rare Isn't Always Unusual; Common Can Be Extraordinary
Youngblood discusses a variety of the Pheasant Stamp.
American Philatelist2012February Added August 12, 2014
Stamp Varieties That Are, Aren't or May Be
Youngblood discusses five varieties, two of which are fakes and the three other are legitimate. The last is little known and rarely noticed by collectors.
U.S. Stamp News2007March Added November 14, 2009

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