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ATA Chapter #94

ATA Chapter #94
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61. Overprint and precancel problems: Stamps on which new information has been added in the form of words, values or precancels are a fertile field for the specialist. Some variations have been described in the Errors section, but there are plenty of freaks: misplaced and partial prints, stretched and compressed prints, flaws in the letters or numbers, missing periods or letters, and light and heavy impressions. Values vary widely according to the value of the basic stamp, how common the variety is, and how visually impressive the variety is.

Type 61: "Pitcher" in the center stamps is streched (Scott 646).

Type 61: These precancels and the Shangai overprint show misalignment and the 5¢ Kansas City precancel has a thick bottom bar (Left to right: Scott 1054, 804, K17, 810).

Type 61: Scott Canal Zone 91c is a variation of Scott Canal Zone 91, with the overprint shifted vertically such that overprint reads "ZONE CANAL" instead of "CANAL ZONE". This stamp is an overprint of Scott 623.

Type 61: Two precancel varieties for Scott 1384a: The left stamp shows no trace of precancel on front. The right stamp's precancel is reversed and shifted lower.

The July-September 2004 issue of The EFO Collector (Vol. 23, No. 6, pp. 24) contains an article by Stan Goldfarb that describes many varieties of Scott 1384, including many precancel varieties, and is profusely illustrated.

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